Speak Out 10/1/12

Monday, October 1, 2012

Country rock

I'm sure I speak for a lot of people but not everyone likes country music. This year the fair was all country music acts. I recommend booking a country rock act such as Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams III or Steve Earle. I'm sure everyone would be satisfied. Thank you.

Eyesore in Jackson

The biggest eyesore in Jackson is the train. I say the people that are responsible for the train need to paint the train, get it looking nice or do away with it.

Foreign aid

If the elected politicians and our president spent the same amount of money helping our middle class and poor as they do on foreign aid we'd all be better off. Billions of aid that disappeared and we'll never know where it went. When will we ever learn we can't help countries who can't help themselves? When will our elected officers learn to work together for the good of our nation?

Marathon coverage

The City of Roses Half-Marathon was a huge event with lots of prior planning, people practicing, lots of people involved. It was on a Sunday morning and there wasn't an article about it Monday morning in the newspaper. You'd think 24 hours later was enough time to write an article and take some pictures for the newspaper. More people of Cape Girardeau were there than were at the St. Louis Cardinals game.

Donations, causes

I just received a phone call from a charitable organization asking me to donate to a worthy cause. I asked the people how much actually went to the cause. I was totally shocked to hear only 20 percent went to the cause and 80 percent goes to the telemarketing firm. Please be sure to ask what percent goes to the cause before you contribute to any telemarketing firm.

Bicycle laws

I just wonder why the city council can redo this Broadway and Main Street area, eliminate parking and create this crazy rent law that will drive landlords out of the market, yet they can't do something simple as ticket bicyclists who don't follow road signs. How come bicycles never do?

Liberal pollsters

I was reading a Speak Out about Jewish support of Obama. I have my doubts about poll results. I have the feeling a lot of pollsters are as liberal as the liberal media is.

No bullets

I know you've got Hillary Clinton up there talking about this film that's enraged all those people over there. I would like to know, Mr. President Obama, why were our marines at the U.S. Embassy without bullets for their M16s? Whose idea was it to have them guarding these embassies without bullets for their M16s? That's not on President Bush's hands but President Obama's hands.

Sexy food?

The ads on TV are atrocious and obnoxious. What they do with food and trying to sexualize it is disgusting. I will not participate with any of the food servers who advertise as such.

Sports women

I look at the sports section and it amazes me, some of these young ladies how seriously they play; they're like professionals. They're amazing, and I'm glad they like it.

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