Jackson reminds residents of leaf disposal rules to prevent fall flooding

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The city of Jackson reminded residents to keep streets clear of leaves and yard waste to prevent fall street flooding in a news release Friday.

"Help prevent flooding problems in your neighborhood by disposing of leaves and yard waste properly and promptly, and by keeping streets and storm drains free from debris," said Rodney Bollinger, director of public works. "Property owners are responsible for properly disposing of leaves and yard waste, including leaves from trees in the public street right of way. Please do not blow or rake leaves into the street or alley."

In the release, residents are asked not to blow leaves, grass and other yard waste into the streets. Bollinger also reminded residents who willingly obstructs public streets with yard debris that they can face a misdemeanor according to the city code. Bollinger suggested yard waste can be used to fertilizer and compost, can be placed in bags to be picked up by the city free of charge and be taken by the recycling center. According to Bollinger if a resident sees a storm drain being clogged can attempt to clear it with a broom, rake or stick. Residents are not advised to wade into large puddles of water and should call Jackson Public Works if they are unable to clear a storm drain, 243-2300.

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