Speak Out 9/28/12

Friday, September 28, 2012

Clowns in office

I've been a Democrat most of my life, but there's no way I can vote for these clowns that are in office now. The president is just inept, and the vice president is -- what can I say? He's just a clown. Thank you.

Government programs

I would like to respond to Romney's remark that 47 percent of the American people want the government to help. This is false. Two of the government programs that he mentioned were Social Security and Medicare. I would like to state that the Social Security I receive I paid in and the Medicare I receive I also pay per month. The Social Security benefit statement everyone receives at the beginning of each year gives you the amount of your Social Security minus Medicare medical insurance equals the amount you will receive per month. Therefore, the government is not giving me anything that I did not pay in to. Does Romney know that?

Capaha Park

Cape Girardeau does not need an outside group to tell us what Capaha Parks needs. It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to visit the park. 1) Build a concession stand onto the restrooms at the ballpark. 2) Extend parking on the east side of Parkview Drive and along the street running in front of the old maintenance building, which needs to be repaired or removed. 3) Improve or repair bleacher seating. 4) Replace missing trees along the roadway behind the visitors dugout. 5) Repair walkways, restrooms, concrete ramp and drainage behind bleachers.

Housing, GOP

U.S. home prices rose for a sixth straight month in July in the latest sign of a sustainable housing market recovery, while a jump in consumer confidence this month offered a harbinger that Americans are ready to loosen their spending. Six years after its collapse, economists believe the housing market has turned a corner. And not one bit of help from the Republican-controlled Congress. That says what they do isn't worth what they are taking their pay for.


I think an unintended consequence of the Fox TV network and right-wing talk radio has been a counterrevolution by levelheaded voters and a likely re-election of the president.

Government greed

The liberal agenda cries foul when hardworking entrepreneurs and Americans are successful. They call it greed. At the same time the liberal agenda wants to take their profits in the name of fairness and redistribution. The only real greed in America is by the government.

Replacement refs

Thanks to President Obama for encouraging the return of professional referees to the NFL and banishing the replacements.

Government redistribution

Though Speak Out commenters seem oblivious to it, virtually the entire purpose of government is to use tax dollars to in some way redistribute wealth.

Jackson stoplights

There were several accidents on Jackson Boulevard at stoplights in August. Three in one day within a two-hour period, and three the same week at the same stoplight. Please, city of Jackson, take a look at your stoplights; no matter what the police department says, they are not working properly. In some instances there is no yellow light.

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