Cape County Tea Party Supports Todd Akin

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Cape County Tea Party Board of Directors approved the following resolution in support of Todd Akin and his Candidacy for U.S. Senate:

Whereas, the Republican Voters of the great State of Missouri have made their voices known during the Republican Primary that Congressman Todd Akin should be their 2012 candidate for U.S. Senator this November; and

Whereas, Congressman Akin has been quick to make a sincere apology and seek forgiveness for what have been deemed as inaccurate remarks; and

Whereas, Todd Akin voted against the Wall Street Bailouts, against the No Child Left Behind Act, to end Davis-Bacon requirements, against the Budget Control Act to increase debt by $2.4 Trillion, and has proposed a Constitutional amendment to limit Federal spending; and

Whereas, the People of Missouri stand against Washington and Missouri elite party bosses who would dictate to the People of Missouri whom they should elect; and

Whereas, the People of Missouri wish to ensure the integrity of the election process and protect it from corrupt outside influence; and

Now, Therefore,

Be It Resolved, the Board of Directors of the Cape County Tea Party offer our most sincere thanks for Congressman Akin's conservative voting record and believe him to be the best candidate to represent their interests in the U.S. Senate.

Be It Further Resolved, the Board of Directors of the Cape County Tea Party wishes for Todd Akin to remain in the Senate race and win this November Election, and we call upon all Republicans to support him in this endeavor.

Motion to approve this resolution carried by a Nine to Zero vote.

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