Out of the past 9/26/12

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


About 5,000 people from throughout Southeast Missouri attend the third Senior Fun Fest, held at the Trail of Tears State Park; the event is co-sponsored by Southeast Missouri Hospital and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Changes are being made to Cape Girardeau's taxi coupon program to alleviate coupon shortages; beginning next month, unsold taxi coupons for the general public will be made available to elderly and handicapped program participants; to help fund the larger supply of coupons for the elderly and handicapped, the city will eliminate the free additional rider coupon program.


Presidents of five Missouri state colleges and their administrative staffs will meet Monday on the college campus here -- their first joint conference at the site of one of the institutions -- to discuss budgets, rapidly expanding enrollments and curriculum changes.

Two promotions in the Cape Girardeau post office are announced by Postmaster Ted R. Regenhardt; Russell J. Fowler is the new assistant postmaster, succeeding Archie Reid, who retired; Fowler's successor as supervisor of mails is Alois R. Pierce, who formerly was day foreman.


The Rev. Ray Barnes, a young Baptist minister, was ordained Friday evening at Red Star Baptist Church, of which he has been a member; he is pastor of the church at Perkins, Mo.

The Rev. Dorsey Ellis, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Sikeston, Mo., preaches in the morning and evening at the Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau; the Rev. C.H. Morton, pastor of the local church, exchanges pulpits for the day with Ellis and is speaker at Sikeston services.


Every train into Cape Girardeau, the boats and many automobiles and vehicles are bringing their loads of sightseers to the big Cape Girardeau fair; because of yesterday's rain, a double program of horse racing is scheduled for today.

Homer and Earl Williams of Jackson passed through Cape Girardeau yesterday on their way to Ann Arbor, Mich., where they will attend Michigan University.

Sharon K. Sanders

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