Speak Out 9/26/12

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gas prices

When are our gasoline prices coming down? Based on wholesale market prices, our regular gasoline should be about $3.20 per gallon vs. $3.619. When we are getting gouged more than 10 percent, the state attorney general will get involved. It is that time.

Kind words

In regards to the individual commenting on being offended by being called "hon" or "sweetie": This is Southeast Missouri. Those terms are used in kindness, not disrespect. If you don't like it, leave.

Jews, Obama

The Jewish community supports President Obama because they recognize he is not a warmonger with a hair trigger mentality that might lead to an unjustified war against Iran.

Romney's comment

Mitt Romney's writing off 47 percent of the population seems puzzling in the light of the proof that many in this group fit the Republican profile: senior citizens who rely solely on Social Security, people who work for a living but qualify for earned income tax credits, and many others. I certainly don't consider these citizens moochers and parasites.

Obama's reaction

Regarding the comment made about the attack on our U.S. embassy in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012: Obama received three days' notice that there might be an attack. He did nothing to strengthen security in the embassy. Is this the kind of administration we want safeguarding our nation for the next four years?

Blame Congress

In the twilight of President Barack Obama's first term, many polls, including a new Quinnipiac University tri-state survey of likely voters, show that most Americans say they are not better off than they were four years ago. But in those same polls, the president retains his edge over challenger Mitt Romney. This isn't the fault of the President. It is the fault of the no-good-for-nothing Congress that has less than a 10 percent approval rating and has done nothing to help the country. They are only out to help themselves and the 1 percent billionaires and millionaires.

Campaign cash

Mitt Romney may be beset by controversy and behind in most polls, but he and his armada of allies still have plenty of one thing that could help them prevail over President Obama and win the White House: money. The GOP presidential campaign and conservative outside groups will bring significant cash into the race's final weeks, enabling them to blitz the nation's airwaves in support of Romney. That's a new wrinkle in a race that has seen Romney outspent by Obama in most swing states. Though Romney has raised more cash overall than Obama, some was for party committees and much of the money he raised for his own campaign was designated for the general election. That meant it could not be spent until he officially became the nominee last month.

Economy stabilizing

They report that the economy shows signs that it has bottomed out. Taken as a whole, however, analysts say the latest census data provide wide-ranging evidence of a stabilizing U.S. economy. Coming five years after the housing bust, such a leveling off would mark an end to the longest and most pernicious economic decline since World War II. Republicans keep blaming everything on Obama. However, if you read the facts it says the housing bust started five years ago. He hasn't even finished his first four years. So it looks like it falls back on their man Bush, who they will not mention or blame.

Obama's priorities

What is going on? Who is this guy in our White House? How long can the Obama supporters continue to pretend that he is doing his job as president? He cannot meet with Benjamin Netanyahu at the most critical time for our strongest ally? And yet he can attend fancy fundraisers with movie stars and rock stars and can go on David Letterman -- and even meet with a pirate, for crying out loud. And now it appears that he is going to meet with the radical new president of Egypt. What alternate universe are we living in? When did the United States decide to turn its back on its historical allies and begin to schmooze with radical Islam?

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