Butler County's emergency management director resigns

Sunday, September 23, 2012

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. -- Butler County Emergency Management director Rick Sliger submitted his resignation before the start of the Butler County Commission meeting Friday morning.

After he delivered his letter of resignation, Sliger left the courthouse.

Presiding Commissioner Ed Strenfel and Western District Commissioner Jeff Darnell said they will discuss hiring an interim director at the commission meeting Monday morning.

"Someone has approached us about being the interim director," Darnell said. "We want to make a decision soon so someone is in the office."

The commissioners plan to begin advertising for a new EMA director.

Sliger's resignation letter reads:

"For the past six years, it has been my honor to serve this county as the Emergency Management Director, but I realize the recent developments have placed you in a situation with no suitable solution. While I would much prefer to continue my employment with you, it has become obvious that you can no longer bare the stress of the continued newspaper attacks on me and the situation is beyond our control. Therefore, I know I have no choice but to reluctantly, as well as involuntarily, submit this letter as my resignation in hopes it will alleviate further embarrassment for you and the county."

Fifteen storm spotters on the Poplar Bluff Severe Weather Response Team announced Wednesday they would not work under the EMA unless there is a new director. Several community leaders criticized Sliger during Wednesday's commission meeting.

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs said the sheriff's department "will continue to fill the gap" until a new director is hired.

"We will sound the sirens during severe weather," Dobbs said. "Between us, the city police and the city and county fire departments, we will work together to manage any kind of disaster that may happen in the interim."

Eastern District Commissioner Don Anderson was not present Friday.

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