Out of the past 9/23/12

Sunday, September 23, 2012


A neighborhood grocery store that opened more than 50 years ago on North West End Boulevard is closing its doors; J. Ronald Fischer Jr. says Fischer's Market has "run its course."

CHARLESTON, Mo. -- State Rep. Betty Hearnes says she is continuing to receive encouragement to seek the Democratic Party nomination for governor next year; she says she will make her decision within about two months.


A $10,000 building that will serve as a chapel, classroom and recreation room has been constructed for the Marquette-Newman Catholic Club at State College by the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese; services are held daily in the chapel, which is about 15 feet behind the Newman House, 512 N. Pacific St.

Gerald E. Presuhn is inducted as vicar of Trinity Lutheran Church and Mrs. William C. Evans and Mrs. Clarence Schade are inducted as teachers in Trinity School during a morning church service.


Large squads of law officers have arrested 18 men in an extensive investigation of cattle rustling in Southeast Missouri; possibly hundreds of head of cattle have been loaded into motor trucks and hauled away in recent months, being sold at many points, including Cape Girardeau.

Squatting bleak and lifeless, the abandoned Broadway School presents a real problem for the school board; with the New Lorimier School in service, the children from the Broadway district were transferred to this new facility and to Franklin and Washington schools; this is the second time the school board has abandoned Broadway.


The Cape Girardeau Elks have arranged for the great show boat Golden Rod to play four nights at Cape Girardeau this week, while the big fair is going on; funds raised by the sale of tickets will be turned into the Elks' entertainment fund for helping take care of the thousands of visitors who will be here next summer.

Ten car loads of race horses arrived here yesterday evening, destined for the races at the fairgrounds this week.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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