Speak Out 9/24/12

Monday, September 24, 2012

Teams prayed

The Jackson vs. Poplar Bluff game was excellent Sept. 14, but the best part of the game was at the end when both teams joined together in one huddle, knelt and prayed. That is the photo that should have made the paper.


Our society is seeing what happens when the people crying the loudest for tolerance about their religion, politics and beliefs are actually more intolerant of those with opposing views.

Animal control

The animal control officer needs to visit the South West End Boulevard and Cousin Street area. I was driving to the store Monday and four little dogs were running in the street. Cars were slamming on their brakes trying to avoid them. I came back later and they were still out there. The poor dogs either are going to get killed or cause a wreck.

Editorial cartoon

I opened my Missourian this morning to find, yet again, another mean-spirited cartoon about the president of the United States. I am well aware that your editorial policy is GOP all the way, but those of us not in agreement with you are getting sick and tired of your constant negativity in regard to the man who is our president.

The 53 percent

Mitt Romney is absolutely correct when he defined the Democrat base as those 47 percent looking for a government handout. Hopefully, the remaining 53 percent of us will vote for Romney and get our country moving back in the right direction.

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