Speak Out 9/23/12

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Use bus

In Speak Out someone claimed Alma Schrader has two police officers waiting, giving out parking tickets. I want to know why parents can't let children ride the bus. We already pay taxes for the bus; let children ride it.

Broadway parking

It's funny to me how many cars and trucks still park right in the street on the north side of Broadway. The Cape Girardeau Police Department is going to have to hire a full-time officer just to write parking tickets along Broadway. Or the traffic flow is going to be messed up all the time. Again I say it was a bad plan to lose all the parking on Broadway. Seven businesses in the 700 block must now share three and a half small parking spots. Just a very bad idea all the way around.

Helmet law

Like many people I was sad to hear of the accident that happened to the young college student, I was also very surprised to learn scooters drivers are not required to wear helmets and I can't figure out why that is. I saw a man on a scooter tooling around the streets and I can't think for the life of me why people are not required to wear helmets. What is the reasoning behind that? This needs to change.

Not better off

I recently read in Speak Out a gentleman said he was better off now than he was four years ago. He must ride a bike and graze the field. According to my census, my groceries cost more, my health insurance costs more, my car insurance costs more, my gas and my car have doubled since when Bush was in office. For him to say things are better than him, he must be living under a rock.

Romney the King

Looks like Romney is playing King of the Mountain with our lives as he did with Bain Capitol. I see no absolutely no empathy in him. He has proved that over and over.

More deer info

There is lots of information on the Internet for those interested in organizing urban deer hunting. I wish the city council members had done a better job researching before writing their ordinance for the City of Cape Girardeau.

Pro hunters

The deer hunting ordinance was well padded with definitions instead of well-thought-out safety regulations. Some cities have pilot programs with designated zones led by professional bow hunter organizations. Keep Cape Safe!

Last ounce

Everyone in this whole country who values their freedom and wants to keep it should certainly see the movie "The Last Ounce of Courage." It is very well done.

Freedom, security

The cavalier extension of the Warrantless Wiretap Bill by the U.S. House could mean that we have become forever willing to risk sacrificing our precious civil liberties in the interests of security.

Standing up

There are organizations now to confront bullying among young people. It wasn't long ago this was not an issue since previous generations were taught to stand your ground and face the challenges of life instead of crying about it and running away. That is ineffective in our individual lives and in confronting our country's enemies. No one said life was easy. You will be confronted by mean people. Stand up for yourself and quit the whining. Get over it.

Congressional votes

Your publication of congressional votes may create the false impression that our legislators are currently doing anything substantial.

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