Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to Alma Schrader

Monday, September 24, 2012

How very proud I was Thursday morning as I attended Alma Schrader's Constitution Day and Heroes Recognition Assembly.

Ruth Ann Orr, Julia Unnerstall and the entire staff at Alma Schrader are to be congratulated and recognized for their visible and measurable efforts in educating our young children, instilling them with love of country!

Young lives are being shaped, changed, altered and influenced by the positive leadership I witnessed Thursday morning at this wonderful school.

Ruth Ann and Julia are a positive influence to these young lives as they prepare them to become the leaders of our city, state and nation.

Proud to see our mayor, Harry Rediger, and former mayor Jay Knudtson take such a visible and supportive role at Alma Schrader and to be leading by example.

DOUG AUSTIN, Cape Girardeau