Obeying God in big and small ways

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

I had a slow leak in one of my tires.

I discovered that my tire was low about two weeks ago while walking into church on Sunday morning. I wasn't the only one who noticed. A boy who knows little if anything about driving noticed the tire was low. He seemed strangely proud about this.

Later that day I put some air in the tire. I discovered a week later that the tire was low again. Somewhere there was a slow leak.

Now I don't tell you this to gain sympathy for a leaky tire. I tell you this because the tire reminds me that the smallest things make the biggest difference. Especially with God.

Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed. Perhaps the smallest of all seeds, yet when it is planted and grows it becomes the largest plant in the garden.

Imagine, the largest plant from something seemingly small and inconsequential. With God the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Often we think we have to do great things, come from great families, or be great people before God will do great thing in our lives and through our lives. That's not what the Scriptures say.

No one looked at David and thought of greatness. There was this giant that everyone thought was great.

Gideon was hiding in a cave when God called him a "mighty man of valor."

Jesus looked at Zacchaeus, the wee little man, and said "come down, I'm going to your house today."

The point is this: God does not ask that we become something before he does something.

He asks us to do something when we are nothing so that through our nothing He can do something.

The smallest amount of air, which I can't see, smell or touch, changes the tire, which in turn changes the entire function of the car. Without the air in the tire, the car is useless. Without the smallest obedience, faith is useless.

God doesn't want you to reach certain levels of success before you obey. He wants your obedience today.

God doesn't want you to know how to win friends and influence people before you practice obedience. He wants your obedience today.

God doesn't want you to wait until you solve this problem before you obey Him. He wants your obedience today.

Rob Hurtgen is a husband, father, minister and writer. Read more from him at www.robhurtgen.wordpress.com.

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