Speak Out 9/21/12

Friday, September 21, 2012

Workplace language

After four days of being at the hospital dealing with the needs of my mother-in-law's health problems, I only have this to say: I am sick, tired and fed up with hearing her, my wife and myself being referred to as "sweetie," "honey" or "hon." Where I come from this is what the streetwalkers call their prospective customer. It's insulting, degrading and totally unacceptable to be called that by someone pretending to be educated and well-trained.

American Jews

Here's some advice for the recent Speak Out caller asking what Jewish people are thinking: Ask some Jewish people. Israel has a variety of political factions, just like in America. Opposition to the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu's government doesn't make one anti-Isreal. It's wrong to assume that all American Jews automatically agree with those who currently hold power in Israel.

Driver safety

I am asking everyone who drives, please do not just check your outside mirror when changing lanes. They have written on them that objects are closer than appear for a reason. Always check your inside mirror and look over your shoulder before changing lanes, please. I have lost count of the times I have had to slam on the brakes to avoid a preventable accident due to the fact that someone has not made sure how close they were to the front of my truck or motorcycle. Also, please do not tailgate a motorcycle. If I went down you would run right over me, and do you think you could live with that for the rest of your life?

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