Letter to the Editor

Taxpayers need more no votes

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our daily newspaper ran a paid editorial by a former county commissioner, complaining that Commissioner Jay Purcell is always voting no; on the last eight budgets he did vote no, saying they were not balanced. Purcell now has been voted out and will be replaced by a new commissioner that also wants to keep the courthouse in Cape Girardeau, when Purcell wanted to consolidate the two old courthouses into one new courthouse in Jackson, which is the county seat. That also would have saved us taxpayers thousands of dollars.

August 30, after the election, the county auditor gave the commissioners the facts that they had spent over a half a million more than they had taken in, and taxes may have to increase.

As I see it we needed another commissioner to vote no and balance the budget. As was stated at the presidential convention, it is only simple arithmetic.

Hope to see a budget balanced.