Speak Out 9/19/12

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christians vilified

Christians are made fun of and vilified all the time in movies and television. God's name is used in vain constantly. The Obama administration has never said anything about that, but when a movie comes out that the Muslims do not like, they kill Americans.

Scooters requirements

When I purchased a motorcycle to drive on the street, I purchased: No. 1: insurance, No. 2: helmet, No. 3: license for my motorcycle, No. 4: motorcycle driver's license. And I attended a weekend class taught by the Cape Girardeau police. Why can't drivers of scooters do the same?

Sidewalk waste

Someone urged us to make more use of sidewalks. Sidewalks are symbols of an overspending government because they are built with taxpayer money and not needed. We avoid them for ideological/political reasons.

Stolen toy

This is regarding the boy who stole a 3-year-old's tractor in Oak Ridge. We know this person; we think this is the lowest of low. You are no good to steal from a 3-year-old girl so you can have your goat. We know who you are; we know you've been breaking into our shed and other places, and if your parents can't do anything and you can't see it to replace that little girl's tractor, we will see to it you are prosecuted. We will not have this in our community. If you cannot control yourselves, the community will. Thank you.

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