Letter to the Editor

Tax deduction concerns

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have a question for people who are intelligent. Why do you say tax the rich? The rich aren't paying their full tax rate now. How can I say that? Politicians have built in deductions so they don't need to. This gets politicians money.

Romney said he paid 13 percent in 2010, not the top rate of 35 percent. Do any of you who pay income taxes not use your deductions? Does President Obama not use deductions? When he was a senator did he introduce a law or regulation to "not allow high income people tax deductions?"

The "Obamacare" exemptions he made was also done for votes. Why didn't he and Congress take "Obamacare" or Social Security or our retirement since it's so good?


BUDDY PARRISH, Cape Girardeau