Out of the past 9/17/12

Monday, September 17, 2012


U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt challenges Americans to honor the Constitution by rededicating themselves "to the values that have made us great"; a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Gephardt speaks to about 350 people at Southeast Missouri State University on the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

Officials with the Cape Girardeau Regional Commerce and Growth Association meet with officials from Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky to discuss a proposed highway between Cape Girardeau and Paducah, Ky.


The fun is over at Arena Park, and workers are disassembling tents and cleaning up after the SEMO District Fair; this year's attendance was 52,480; last year's attendance was 57,409.

A payment of $39,562.99 is released by the Cape Girardeau School Board to five contractors and the architect engaged in the final phases of the additions to Alma Schrader and Jefferson schools; the sum represents the August payment and was previously withheld by the board.


With the third presentation at Houck Stadium last night, the "Arabian Nights" became a bright spot in Cape Girardeau history; costumes have been turned in, the grand stage dismantled and the production manager, John W. Judd, is ready to move on to his next engagement.

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Burglars, forcing a window at the side of the post office building here, enter the structure, blow the door from a small money safe and escape with $100 in cash.


The Cape Girardeau City Council last night repealed the ordinance that created the office of city counselor; this leaves the city attorney the sole and only legal adviser for the council in its deliberations.

CHARLESTON, Mo. -- C.B. Willis, a representative of a St. Louis gunpowder company, in an attempt to destroy 40 sticks of dynamite that had lain dormant in a warehouse here for three years, sets fire to the box; the resulting explosion shatters windows throughout town and causes much property damage; luckily, no deaths resulted, although Willis is under the care of a physician for burns and bruises.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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