Speak Out 9/17/12

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Broadway

The new Broadway is beautiful. It's going to have trees, walkways and curved little areas for the cars to park. It's pretty obvious there's less room for parking, and there's no room for all the traffic that's going to go to the casino. What did it improve? There's going to be less parking and traffic will be constricted; how are people going to get to a concert at the new casino? This didn't make sense.


What a hoot! Some economically challenged Obamazombie wrote in to condemn "trickle-down" economics and to praise the "on the right track" Obamanomics. Could you explain exactly what "Obamanomics" is? What is the premise? And how do you explain the very successful economic performance that has held the unemployment rate above 8 percent for almost four years? By what strange standard do you come to the conclusion that Obamanomics is successful? And oh, wouldn't it be terrible if some big company opened a new plant in the area and 500 well-paying jobs with benefits "trickled down" to 500 unemployed people?

Jewish support

What is with the Jewish people in America? Barack Obama thumbs his nose at Israel, repeatedly snubs Benjamin Netanyahu, takes the Palestinians' side in the discussion of relocation, virtually ignores the threat of Iran, and yet the polls show the American Jewish community to be strongly in Obama's favor. I do not understand it.

Redundant districts

Recently there was an article pertaining to building a new courthouse and combining the two locations they have now. According to the commissioners this would save money for the county. Why doesn't the county combine the two road districts to save money? They have a Cape Special Road District and a Cape County Road District. Why does this county have or need two road departments?

Cars in yards

I've lived on South Main Street in Chaffee, Mo., for 35 years. We have always had cars parked in the yards along the way, but they always mowed under and moved them once in a while. But now they just leave junk cars on the lawn and it looks bad for our street with people coming and going to the ballpark and all.

Can't fix government

It is entirely impossible to fix government or anything pertaining to government. It slowly gets worse, we take money away from the poor people, we make the rich richer and we have so much corruption. I guess we just go with the flow and hope it comes out all right.

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