Speak Out 9/16/12

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cut foreign aid

For the year of 2009, 1 percent of the United States income was $28.8 billion to foreign countries. Cut that by two-thirds, fix our deficit, don't cut Medicare and Medicaid.

Red lights

It seems reasonable that someone at the university or the highway patrol should apply for a million-dollar grant to study why so many signal lights are broken in this part of the country. By my own estimation at least 50 to 60 percent are inoperative. I'm sure this must be accurate because I refuse to believe that I'm out there on the road with that many ignorant drivers.

Thanks to workers

This is to the couple of city workers in Jackson around the park. My husband fell there, and two city workers immediately rushed over to him and got him assistance. And we wanted to be sure to say that the Jackson city workers are really efficient. Thank you so much.

Postal changes

About the U.S. Postal Service. Everybody sees the changes going on: the carriers getting later starts, little post offices hours are changing where there's less time to get in and do business. People should be upset. All of these decisions are getting made from the higher up. People need to call their senators and congressmen; these changes are coming from above, and they're not good changes. People need to stand up and have a voice and start contacting these people.

More on income

The typical U.S. household saw its income fall last year to 1989 levels. That news, contained in a U.S. Census Bureau survey released Wednesday, points to difficult questions of how the U.S. can get back on a track of job growth and rising prosperity. Median incomes fell 1.5 percent in 2011, while the official poverty rate remained essentially unchanged at 15 percent. Bush's tax cuts are why. The gap is getting so big between the wealthy and middle class it is getting plumb scary. All because of Bush's tax cuts and Republican-controlled House that won't do one thing to help America.

2016 movie

I just got back from seeing the movie "2016". Every voting resident should see it. The sad thing is those who need to see it most never.

Broad brush

Sadly, Mitt Romney and his neoconservative cronies want you to believe the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Libya by a small group of apparent al-Qaida terrorists represent the sentiments of the Libyan people themselves. They do not. However, Romney and his foreign policy advisers (ex-Bush advisers) are so anxious to regain power that they will say anything to further their agenda of resuming various and sundry wars around the world so as to try to spread, not necessarily political freedom, but completely unrestrained and unregulated free market capitalism.

Use sidewalks

It would be nice if people would stop walking on the roads when there is a sidewalk available to use. A lot of money was spent to build the sidewalks to make it safe for walkers. Why aren't you walkers wanting to be safer if there's a sidewalk?

Obama, Bernanke

Thanks to President Obama and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke for helping boost the confidence on Wall Street to the point that I have recovered and surpassed all of the 401(k) retirement money I lost as a result of the Bush recession.

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