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Bankruptcies filed through August for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Fuller, Sharon E.10823
Hicks, Sonja E.10874
Davis, Theodore E.10883

Butler County

Reynolds, Corey W.10802
Birchfield, Robert L.10803
Rivers, Teresa M.10805
Walton, Shaun S. and Heather K.10806
Revelle, Gary E. and Rema K.10824
Emmons, Brandon C.10825
Foulk, Travis L. and Lisa M.10834
Jones, Timothy L. and Heather A.10838
Wilson, Teresa A.10839
Carlisle, Opal A.10854
Dugas, Stephanie S.10872
Bagwell, Victor Jr.10878
McFadden, Nikki L.10879
Johnson, Kevin C. and Teresa R.10882
House, Veda M.10886

Cape Girardeau County

Goudy, Robert D. and Leslie L.10792
Crowden, John C. and Lauren D.10793
Davie, Casey and Crystal10798
Clark, Sharon R.10799
Fornkahl, Gary J.10804
Faris, David W. and Cynthia A.10811
Kinder, Betty J.10812
Council, Michael T.10813
Campbell, Terry L.10816
Stricker, Jeffery L. and Bonnie C.10817
Henderson, Pamela L.10820
Stone, Charles F. and Connie L.10821
Sisco, Chantel A.10830
Dickmann, JoAnn10841
Kesterson, Alan L.10843
Marberry, Robin A.10844
Bird, Marvin L. and Glenda G.10850
Turner, Michael W.10851
Young, Christy A.10860
Simmers, Elvis M.10862
McBride, Shelby E.10864
Hardesty, Craig A.10876
Bedell, Elizabeth M. and Jason A. Rodgers10892
Patrick, Sherrie A. and Michael J.10894

Carter County

Briscoe, David L. and Tena M.10815
Oudshoorn, Gijsbertus and Paula K.10863

Dunklin County

Bruce, Jason D. and Cheryl A.10847
Davis, Jeremy T. and Amy E.10888
Burgess, Donald K. Jr. and Shannon S.10890

Madison County

Kelso, Curtis A.10794
Mungle, Carol S.10822
White, Osa O.10848
Grendziak, Michael J.10866

Mississippi County

Hamilton, Ebony D. and Donte C.10858
Nolen, Jimmy M.10877
Dugan, Clay and Melissa10887

New Madrid County

Newsom, Willa M.10790
Lacewell, Jeremy D.10829
Ertz, David D.10875

Pemiscot County

Short, Will A. Jr. and Addie R.10801
Smith, Laura N.10808
Humes, Annette and Karl D. Sr.10845
Sullivan, Rubbie J.10846
Bond, Jimmy D. and Willia F.10889
Schoolcraft, Michael L.10891

Perry County

Foster, Matthew T.10791
McClard, Janet R.10797
Gowen, Vernon G. Jr. and Barbara D.10826
Cox, Floyd A. Jr.10827
Gilmer, Ronald L. and Christine M.10828
Zamora, Daniel R. and Patti A.10832
Favier, Stephen P. Sr. and Mary L.10833
Broussard, Weldon R. Jr. and Jacquelyn M.10868
Bohnert, Tammy L.10869
Lorenz, Brenda F.10870
Peterson, Mark K.10873
Wooldridge, Henry R. and Mindy M.10880

Reynolds County

Chitwood, Vernon B. Sr. and Wanda L.10807

Ripley County

Kellems, Cheryl D.10819
Briscoe, Steven R. and Sherry E.10857
Bristol, Thomas W. Sr. and Charlene L.10884

Scott County

Parker, Kristopher T.10795
Farnham, Jeremy G. and Jennifer R.10818
Curry, Delbert T. and Alma J.10831
Jones, Chanda D.10835
Nichols, Carl and Paula R.10836
Holden, Gene L. and Cheri L.10837
Pluhar, Larry J. and Kathryn L.10842
Caudle, Zachary R. and Rebecca L.10849
Crawford, James D. and Yvonne M.10852
Whitworth, Russell D. and Donna K.10853
Raines, Vance B. and Patricia A.10856
Mott, Gary S. and Anita J.10861
Ivie, Leslie D.10865
Tankersley, Jimmy L. II and Angela J.10893

Stoddard County

Barnes, Bill M.10789
Hahs, Tammie L.10796
Hicks, Lawrence F. and Karen J.10809
Schneiderheinze, Paul W. III10855
Harris, Jamie L.10859
Wallace, Charles S. and Sylvia K.10867
Trout, Carmen M.10871

Wayne County

Clubb, Jennifer M.10814
Hillis, Jeffrey P. and Lisa A.10881
Morris, Clyde E. Jr. and Ashley N.10885
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