Marble Hill aldermen vote to institute business license rules

Thursday, September 13, 2012

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Although the city of Marble Hill has an ordinance requiring businesses in the city limits to have a yearly permit, the city government has issued none in recent years.

Monday night, the board of aldermen voted to levy a $10 business permit fee beginning Jan. 1. Bollinger County also levies a $25 yearly business permit.

The matter became an issue, according to city administrative assistant Tammy Whitney, when the Missouri Department of Revenue sent a notice that certain businesses had not paid sales taxes and should have their licenses revoked and be closed until the taxes are paid.

"We can't do that if we don't require a license," said Mayor Michael Sowers, who supports the ordinance.

Sowers noted that not only is the city losing sales tax money it was unaware of, but it also had no way to keep track of city businesses.

The aldermen wondered if adding a new license fee would deter new businesses.

"Everybody who comes in as a new business assumes that we have a business permit," Whitney said. Most towns, she said, require a yearly business permit.

There was some discussion about levying a smaller fee for existing businesses and charging a fee of $25 for new businesses, but the board agreed that a $10 across-the-board fee was the fairest.

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