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Sunday, September 9, 2012

No conscience

Lady, I hope you enjoy the money you lifted from our cash box from our yard sale Aug. 25. You have to stoop pretty low to take money from people, but you don't have a conscience anyway. You'll pay one day.

Anonymous help

I noticed Sunday morning, my mailbox had been knocked off its post. I thought I would call my son after worship service and have him fix it for me. But some really nice person from the neighborhood fixed it while we were gone. Whoever you are, thank you. I really appreciate it and so does my son. Have a great week.

Sign request

Politicians, please take down your signs. Thank you.

'2016' movie

There is a movie on in the Cape West Cinema called "2016." I saw this movie Aug. 26. This movie should be seen by everyone.

Council RINO?

I just wanted to comment on the RINO, Republican in Name Only, members of the Cape Girardeau City Council trying to pass invasive and exploitive laws that do nothing except eliminate housing for the low income. I find it particularly interesting the one who is going to become the state representative, running under a conservative banner, is also going to be involved in very liberal and progressive ideas. Certainly not in my mind what Republicans should be doing.

Prison prayer

I do not believe the prisoner John Walker Lindh should be allowed to have group prayer in his prison. I certainly don't want a group of Taliban gathering for prayer in a prison.

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