Speak Out 9/7/12

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pansy Glenn

Congratulations to Pansy Glenn for being chosen as the new director for Cape Girardeau's Discovery Playhouse. The Southeast Missourian's editorial commending the choice and noting the ongoing attraction of the playhouse was commendable.

Melaina's playground

I just read the letter about Melaina's Magical Playland, a touching story. I added it up and if everyone in Cape Girardeau contributed $3.65 for every person in the household, or $1.82 for every resident in Cape Girardeau County, we could finish paying off this playground. I can't think of a better way to show God's work in action than this. So come on, Cape Girardeau County residents. Let's show how we can serve our Lord by this small gesture. Donations can be made online at www.magicalplayland.org. Thank you, and God bless.

Liability insurance

I have a question and concern. For instance just a few days ago a moped struck the back of a pickup truck, and we see it with bicycles as well. Is there liability coverage on these little mo-peds and bicycles? We're seeing more of them on our public highways and roadways. They should at least cover liability insurance like any other vehicle.


Once again I'm at the bank in my car waiting to use the drive-thru ATM, and once again there's people standing in line. If the bank is open and you come in and you're not in your car, go inside your building. Don't jam up the line with the cars. That's the only way things get done efficiently. It happens more and more often; the drive-thru line was created for cars, not pedestrians.

Dress code

At first I did not like the dress code in Cape Girardeau, but I had to have a second look. They are allowing a lot of flexibility. You can wear jeans and a great number of tops; it's not like Nazi uniforms. And in an age where mothers and fathers don't set standards for their children, schools have to set standards. That's our second line of defense. Youth have to respect their own bodies. Parents, don't let a girl walk out the door with a skirt high up to her hind end and when she bends over you see her underwear.

Rove's comment

Republican strategist Karl Rove opened his mouth just like a Republican. They think they are above everyone else and can say and do whatever they want, and then there are people who are ready to back them as our leaders. You would think people had better sense than that.

Empty chair

I read where Brent Spiner tweeted he was going to vote for the empty chair. This make sense, as Hollywood has shown its support for an empty chair as president.

Tornado sirens

I know we need tornado sirens to keep us safe, but whoever is in charge of the tornado sirens in Jackson really needs to check the weather before they turn the sirens on. The sirens went off Friday evening; working at the school we hurried and made sure the after school kids and other staff were safe and then went to check channel 12 only to find out the storm was in Bollinger County and headed north, not even coming our way. People in Jackson are getting tired of these false alarms.

School buses

Cape Girardeau school buses are back on the streets, and many are driving too fast and on the wrong side of the road. Slow down and don't assume because you are bigger you have the right to run others off the road, because cars are parked on your side.


If you think dealing with government bureaucracy is difficult, I'm here to tell you it's an absolute dream in comparison to dealing with the bureaucracy of an insurance company.

Checking facts

With a few exceptions here and there, a Southeast Missourian fact-checking tool, if used as it should be, would end up eliminating virtually all of the Opinion page columns since the columnists' attempt to buttress their columns with woefully erroneous facts.

Krauthammer column

The neocons are itching for a war with Iran. Columnist Charles Krauthammer elaborated on it with his "deterrence is a fantasy" column when it comes to Iran. Never mind the fact that containment or deterrence of the Soviet Union rather than a nuclear holocaust led to its demise, Krauthammer and the war hawks advising Mitt Romney, the same crowd that advised George W. Bush, are itching for one or more wars. The American people are tired of wars, particularly those of the needless variety, like the one in Iraq. We are winding down the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history. When it comes to foreign policy in general, Mitt Romney seems tone deaf to the hard lessons we've learned.

State pensions

It is no wonder that the states are in financial trouble with their lavish pensions. If you retire with Social Security or railroad retirement, you have to be over 65 years old to get full benefits. But the states are letting their people retire in their 50s. That adds 15 more years that they can draw their pension. This should never have happened, and it should have been the voters and not to government of Congress and Senators making that decision, as they have been making it better for themselves. There is no way any pension fund can support any plans like this. Union pension plans start at 65 also. Not at 50 like state governments.

Deer hunting ordinance

Why did it take a petition for the city council to hear what citizens want? At least Kathy Swan, Loretta Schneider and Harry Rediger recognize that hunting in Cape Girardeau is not right. Who knows what the council was thinking? I hope when the council votes on the referendum petition, all council members will be present and vote with the citizens to keep Cape Girardeau safe. Repealing the ordinance will not only show they are listening to citizens but will save taxpayer money by not requiring a ballot.

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