Speak Out 9/6/12

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama's debt

The only thing Obama has built is our debt. Thank you.

Confusing exit

I had to go into the big Walmart after dark the other evening. Getting into it was fine, but getting out of it, I had to get in the right lane to get to Interstate 55 and there are no lights at all on the pavement or anywhere saying this is an exit. It's very, very confusing.

Health insurance

Anyone who says we need to replace government health care with private insurance apparently doesn't know anyone who's lost their job due to illness. Let's see, $100 a month for Medicare or $750 a month for private insurance; make your own choice.


I think Paul Ryan violated his own stated principles when he said at the end of his speech, "We can do this." Rugged individualism dictates that he should have said, "I can do this."

Rental ordinance

I'm wanting to comment about the new codes the city wants to put in. What this is going to do is drive people who've got older houses out of the rental business, and a lot of poor people are not going to be able to rent houses. Of course, people who can build one of these new apartment buildings for a million dollars, yeah, they're for it. It's going to drive the small business and the small renter out of business.

Mia Pohlman

I want to thank the paper for carrying Mia Pohlman on Sundays. She is such a blessing. I am in my 60s, and she ministers to me more than any of the other people on the religious page. And with young people like her, this country does stand a chance. And also I'd like to say God will use her in many and varied ways. Thank you for carrying her.

Voter ID

Riddle me this, Democrats: Why is ID required to enter the Democratic National Convention, but you say it is not needed to vote?

Obituary photos

I want to comment on the obituaries that were in last Sunday's paper. I thought it was so nice that the lady had the picture in there showing when she was younger and as she was older. I wish they would do more of those; it was really a nice thing. Thank you.

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