Speak Out 9/4/12

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Great photos

I've always been impressed by the photographers for the Southeast Missourian, but Laura Simon is a true pro. I've watched her work at the river recently and she is professional. Her pictures don't need captions; they speak volumes. Keep up the good work, Laura. You are awesome.

Emergency response

Just a special thank you to the Cape ambulance crew that came up on the bad wreck in Jackson on Monday. You boys were a blessing. Thank you for your quick actions, I'm sure you saved a life that day.

Thank you

I want to thank Mark and Tyler from Food Giant when I fell in Food Giant the other day. Thank you.

Third party?

I rarely agree with Rush. However, I think he was right when he said the other day that if tea party delegates to the Republican National Convention were being treated shabbily as alleged, the establishment wing of the party better be careful because that could at some point in the future give rise to a third party movement.

Presidential power

Thank you for publishing the editorial from Dr. Thomas Sowell about the constitutional power of the presidency. On many of these issues that we're debating today, the issue is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the power of the presidency. Under our Constitution, the welfare reform act was passed by Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton. A new president cannot just change the law on a whim. He has to go back to Congress to get them to change the law, then he has to sign the new law that Congress has passed. He does not have the ability to change law by himself by executive order, and that's what's happening right now, not only on welfare reform, but also about immigration. And other subjects. The president does not have the power to change law, he has the power to sign laws passed by Congress. Thank you.

Sowell column

I am so disappointed in anti-Obama conservative columnist Thomas Sowell. Until this latter stage of his illustrious career, Sowell has always based his arguments on an appeal to one's reason, one's rational sensibilities, if you will. However, in his apparent desperate desire to defeat President Obama, Sowell endorses the anti-Obama documentary now showing in theaters, not because the film is based in rationality and reason but, to use Sowell's own words, "Whatever its [the documentary's] factual weakness, it is an emotionally powerful [anti-Obama] vision." Shame on you, Dr. Sowell.

Pick up poop

Dog poop is in my driveway and I don't have a dog. Dog poop is all over the sidewalk. I thought people were supposed to carry a bag and pick it up. Thank you.

St. Louis firm

After reading this morning's paper about hiring a St. Louis firm to make recommendations improving Capaha Park, I'm wondering, No. 1, how much we paid that firm and No. 2, if we have to hire an outside firm, what is the job of Julia Thompson and her staff? I thought that would fall under her category.

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