Speak Out 8/31/12

Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama's distractions

I was just reading an article. It was titled "Obama camp offers to pull back on tax attacks if Romney releases five years of returns." What a joke. This administration has nothing substantive to run on, so it resorts to making distractions such as the tax returns. This shows how desperate Obama is. He can't say he's done anything constructive for unemployment or the economy. He is such a sad excuse for a president.

Stolen shelf

Last Saturday at an auction in Jackson, someone took the shelf I had bought and paid for. When you unloaded your purchases, I'm sure you noticed something that was not yours. Please return it to the location you took it from. I hope this was not done intentionally as I can't believe anyone would steal something like this. I will be checking to see when you return it. Thank you.

Cleanup needed

In Jackson my property is considered the Highway Department's concern. Why is it never swept on the curb like the rest of the city? It looks disgusting driving into Jackson.

Info on Internet

I think it's wrong that they put all your information on the Internet. They can type your name in there and put up who all you are some kin to. Some people, that's how they get killed. That's how Sabricia Eckerton got killed by somebody who found where she stayed at. And I think your personal life is nobody else's business. The people who invented putting everybody's information on the Internet should be blamed for her getting killed. Thank you.

Traditional music

Amen to the person who called in about the church music. I realize the younger generation likes the loud noise, the repetitive music, but there are some of us who like the music we were brought up with. You would think that there could be a blend between the two, or one service with the traditional and one with the contemporary. It appears that churches have abandoned the older generations and before too long we will all be gone. Perhaps then we can hear the traditional music in heaven.

Deer, ticks

How much of the recent increase in tick-borne diseases would controlling the deer population prevent? Deer are one of the main carriers of many diseases. Hopefully this is taken into account in discussing the need for control.

Repeal ordinance

Hello, city council members. Please consider repealing the deer hunting ordinance. There are too many problems with it; it isn't wanted by the people of Cape Girardeau; and we need to move forward on other problems.

Slow down

Consider when you are impatient with the car in front of you, maybe being slower to enter traffic or make lane changes, that the driver in front of you may very well be a new driver, like my daughter, who just got her license. So quiet with all the honking and rudeness, please. I had no idea until I started teaching my daughter to drive just how uncaring and so in a hurry Cape Girardeau drivers can be. Please slow down and consider these younger drivers.

Softball seasons

The only redeeming thing about the summer's end to Cape Girardeau's city league slow-pitch softball season is that just around the corner is the fall season.

Coburn, Ryan

If U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn writes that Paul Ryan is not a radical, then Paul Ryan is, indeed, a radical.

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