UW campaign

On Thursday the United Way of Southeast Missouri kicked off its annual campaign. The goal: $950,000.

When it comes to helping people in our community, the United Way plays a key role. Thirty agencies and 50 programs are assisted by the organization financially or through other efforts. This means meals for those in need. Educational support for students struggling to read. A helping hand to those facing abuse. The list goes on.

We understand not everyone can afford to donate to the United Way. But for those who can, we encourage you to do so through work payroll deduction or independently for those not offered this opportunity.

While the United Way needs financial support, there are other ways to contribute. Consider volunteering through the Read to Succeed program. Help with the Meals with Friends dinner at the Salvation Army. Any organization supported by the United Way would welcome more volunteers.

Americans face a number of challenges. Consider what you might do to support the United Way and our community.