Speak Out 8/28/12

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Occupy questions

I was reading an article in a magazine the other day, talking about how it's going to be a year since these occupiers have occupied Washington, D.C. and all these other places. I think it would be a great service if the news media would go down and ask these people what they do for a living where they can take off for a year? Are they on disability? Are they on welfare? Because if they are it shows they are not disabled; they can travel and they can move. Thank you.

More firefighters

If the states had more money to provide more firefighters, maybe they could get control of these fires and so many people wouldn't lose their homes. But our Congress keeps the tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires, and they say to heck with the other people, we have to make the rich richer. The rest of the country is on its own.

GOP pressure

I think the pressure put on Todd Akin by national and state Republicans to quit the race is reprehensible. I'll tell you one thing, if he eventually does quit, I sure won't vote for whomever they get to replace him.

Morning recess?

To Jackson Elementary parents: Do you know your second graders no longer have a morning recess? They have an inside break.

Limbaugh, Akin

Wow! If you don't think Rush Limbaugh is a powerful force, think again. He recently said that all he would have to do is ask Todd Akin to step down and he would.

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