Speak Out 8/22/12

Monday, August 27, 2012

No caring

The Hill, a political news site, unveiled its annual list of the 50 richest lawmakers Tuesday. And people wonder why we are not getting anything done to help the middle class. They are there only to help themselves. They do not care about anybody else. Whether anyone is dying because of not having food or poor health problems, of which not having food to eat sure will cause more health problems. But do they care? No. That is their answer.

Akin, GOP

I'm glad Todd Akin decided to resist Republican establishment pressure and stay in the race. After all, his opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, is no different from Paul Ryan's or, for that matter, the Republican Party's platform. It's just that Akin's stated reasons for his position shined a light on an issue the party has been able to successfully keep under the radar for years.

Romney's promises

Promises, promises. Romney is full of them. How is he going to deliver on them? That's the scary part.

Too young

Paul Ryan is too young and hasn't a clue on how some Americans are having to live. He has no empathy. He has many of life's lessons to learn. Thank you.

Campaign slogan

You can throw everything else out the window. I've got the perfect slogan for Obama/Biden this year. "Obama/Biden, we reward misbehavior."

Clinton, Obama

In response to the Speak Out about praising Clinton. I think anyone would praise Clinton compared to who we have in the White House now.

Wasteful spending

TO the lawmakers in Washington: You don't have to cut Medicaid and Medicare, just stop overseas spending -- $770 million in other countries to build mosques, another $157 million for Islamic schools; this is our tax money. How about spending our tax money here in the United States of America? How about reporting to the people of the United States of America what you are doing with our tax money? Quit blaming us for your wasteful overseas spending of money we don't have.

Is it fair?

This is a question for all you working middle class people and all you low-paying-job holders in our area and throughout the United States. Do you think that it's fair for every dollar of your wages to be taxed for Social Security up to $110,000? This means those earnings over this amount are not taxed on every dollar like you are. Also, those who make a lot of money off rent and investments and dividends are not taxed like you are. Could that be why the money is running out? Let your voice be heard. Thank you.

Time for R&R

When you're really tired and worn out from work, you need a little R&R: Rest and recovery. Our poor country has been through three and half years of misery, trouble high economic woes. Our country needs a little R&R, but in this case it stands for Romney and Ryan. President Obama had the job for three and a half years and he made a mockery of the whole economic system. Let's try someone else. I say we put Obama out to pasture and try a little R&R, Romney and Ryan. Thank you.

Car questions

Are they allowed to have a car placed on Bloomfield -- old cars and trailers? They bring cars there all the time, and I thought that this was a residential area.

Put politics aside

The article in Monday's paper about what to expect with the coming health care laws tax increase should be required reading for everyone. So much of what we hear about getting rid of Obamacare is based on hype and ignorance based on not knowing the facts. The Affordable Care Act may not be perfect. After all, it was based on Romney's Massachusetts plan, but at least let's give it a chance. Logical, intelligent people should be able to sort through the many pages of the plan and find compromises which would create, in part, improved health care for the country. Heaven only knows we need it. Put politics aside.

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