Letter to the Editor

Double standard in politics

Friday, August 24, 2012

Democrats are offended by words like "illegitimate rape" because they say those words are offensive to women. But these same Democrats revere, defend and can't wait to hear Bill Clinton speak at the Democrat convention -- even though he was accused of rape by more than one Democrat woman.

Democrats preach compassion about the sanctity of life for any criminal convicted of murder, unless they could tie the perp to the tea party. They preach compassion for the mother, not the fetus in cases of an unwanted pregnancy. You're heartless and cruel if you do not applaud using tax dollars to fund the most heinous of murders -- the dismemberment of viable fetuses in the womb -- the most innocent of all victims who have committed no crime nor sin against man nor God.

Democrats claim arbitrary power to command who's to be demonized or respected purely based on politics. If you subscribe to Democrat politics it's acceptable to have evidences of rape in the case of Bill Clinton, murder in the case of Ted Kennedy or running a homosexual brothel from your apartment with your homosexual lover in the case of Barney Frank, and the liberal media will fawn over you like a love struck adolescent girl.

But if you're a Republican, and you go swimming in the Sea of Galilee, those same Democrats will crucify you for your lack of piety and for blaspheming a God they denounce, detest and demand to teach our kids does not exist.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.