Scott City valedictorian taking good study habits with him to college

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Scott City High School valedictorian Adam Bowers. (Laura Simon)

Adam Bowers

2012 valedictorian, Scott City High School

Want to know the path to success for Scott City High School's highest achieving senior in 2012? Adam Bowers says his was made by following the Ten Commandments and meeting his parents' expectations.

Bowers took control of his future by making sure he was always paying attention in class, then following through with making sure he had a good grasp on the material and turning in all his work on time, even if it meant using his lunch period to get it all done.

He formed good academic habits early, and stuck to them, he said. Now he'll apply them to his studies at Southeast Missouri State University as well.

Bowers had his first day of college classes Monday -- he says he sees there being less time spent in class and more spent on homework -- and he's not worried. He's signed up for 17 credit hours this semester and is using a scholarship that covers most of his college expenses.

Robotics club was a favorite activity of Bowers during high school, and his interest in science, math, technology and computers has prompted his choice to study computer engineering at Southeast. He plans to further his study of computers later on at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo.

After college, he wants to live somewhere cooler, while writing computer code and building computers.

"I'll go where the job is, and, besides that, I am a cold-weather person," Bowers said.

His life goal, he said, even though he feels like he has had everything he ever needed to become successful, is to become better off than his parents. He said he uses it to measure success.

At 18, he plans for that to happen.

"I think most people would describe me as determined and honest," he said. "Also, a little frugal."

He doesn't think that will hurt him as he makes his way into adult life, either.


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