Speak Out 8/23/12

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rental housing

This comment goes out to all you landlords who won't lease your property to people because we have pets. Some pets are cleaner than kids. I have rented places that have had kids and they have really messed up the place. Most pets are trained to go outside; so give us a break. I don't want a mortgage. At least give us a chance.

Consistent service

I asked my mail person yesterday why my mail service is so inconsistent, and he replied it was because they recently changed their starting time to later than what it once was. Few things we can always depend on and one of them is the mail service; some of us still depend on them whether they know it or not. Some business is still conducted through the mail. Please address this problem. We need our mail service to be consistent.

Olympics, NASA

I think it's cute to see everyone complaining about the cost of us expanding our scientific consciousness by going to Mars. You all want to complain about the $2.5 billion that was spent getting there, yet I haven't heard anyone complain about the $15 billion that was spent on the Olympics. Let's not even get started on the fact that we spend over twice as much on our military every year as the entire rest of the industrialized world combined. Give me a break. NASA isn't bankrupting us, folks.

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