Michael's Day"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Nanny, Trudie Knupp, passed out white balloons to each family member and friend in attendance.

August 19, 2012

Charleston, MO

One year ago today our family was devastated to learn that Michael Lynn Walker had been taken from our world through an accidental electrocution while at work. Michael was part of the maintenance team for the Southeast Correctional Center, located in Charleston, Missouri.

Michael also was a father of two, one son and one daughter and a husband to their Mother. Michael was the second child of eight born to Trudie and Kenneth Knupp of Anniston Missouri.

At 9am on August 19th our family gathered at the Magnolia tree which was planted at the prison in his name. The plan was to let 40 balloons fly towards the heavens in Michaels honor. The idea was PawPaw, Kenneth Knupp.

Our mother, Trudie said the prayer, which was meant to bring peace to our aching hearts. After the balloons were released and nearly out of sight each family member loaded up and headed to Mom and Dad's house to enjoy a special family BBQ.

Spending the day together, smiling and laughing as a family would have made Michael proud. It was the best way our family could have spent Michael's Day.

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