Kiwanis' Teacher Grant Program Supports Teachers

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Teachers present "Show and Tell" program to Jackson Kiwanians

Five Orchard Elementary teachers provided the program at a recent Jackson Kiwanis Club meeting at Delmonico's Restaurant. The teachers had received six $150 grants from the club to enrich learning opportunities for the students.

Jennifer Pehle and Stacy Elfrink demonstrated how kindergartners used the math and literacy "take home backpacks" which were filled with games and learning devices that the students could us alone or play with parents, siblings or friends. The teachers reported that students had difficulty waiting for their turn to take the backpacks home. Ali Brakhane also participated in this grant.

Stacie Dotson purchased word building and phonics awareness materials which students can use separately or together to build reading skills.

Sarah Goodwin purchased BIG BOOKS for her 3rd graders so they can read in groups, see the words and the pictures, and improve their reading skills.

Rhonda Farrow purchased math games and software for use with 3rd grade students. Some were battery operated and were awesome for inquisitive 3rd grader use.

Ashley Diebold and Lindsay Miller also received grants for math and reading materials but were not available for this program.

The Kiwanians enjoyed the "show and tell" enthusiasm as the teachers shared descriptions of the materials and how using the materials in the classroom are benefiting students.

The Jackson Kiwanis Club appreciates the good work of these and others who educate our children. The club is happy to support and reward teacher diligence in discovering and using the materials purchased through the "Teacher Grant Program."

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