"Tiny Racers"

Thursday, August 16, 2012
FUN....FUN...FUN... Paul Friga, of Friga Farms; where the annual Warchild RG Rebel Yell Rally is held was the MC for the mouse races.

Did you attend German Days in Chaffee last Friday or Saturday? If you did and was only there during the day, boy did you miss out on a heck of a good time!!

As you passed the booth of the Warchild Riding Group you may have wondered what was the giant wood and plastic display case that sat empty for.

About 7pm each evening a crowd would build around the plastic case as the slots were filled with six tiny racers. There were 12 total; eleven white with tiny red eyes and long skinny tails, and one which earned the name "The Dark Knight."

Participants were given the chance to bet which tiny racer would come to the finish line first, each knew that half of each dollar they gave would go to help the children of St. Jude Children's Hospital. The other half would be the winnings of those who picked the winning racer.

Each race was just as exciting as the one before and brought large energetic crowds, cheering on their favorite tiny racer. During the two nights of mouse races the group raised over $200 to donate.

Along with the popular mouse races Warchild RG members sold supporter merchandise (tee-shirts, dew-rags, hats, pins) along with coloring books while accepting the generous donations from the visitors of last weekend's German Days in Chaffee, Missouri.

THANKS to all those who supported the Warchild RG booth, because of you a grand total of almost $600 was raised. It will be added to the groups annual donation in July to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

If you would like to learn more about the GOOD works being done by Warchild Riding Group, or to make a donation, buy a coloring book, supporter merchandise or to learn what it takes to become a member of Warchild, find us online at http://warchildrg.weebly.com/ Or on Facebook at Warchild Rg.

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