Bankruptcies - September 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bankruptcies filed through July for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Eldridge, Judy A.10704
Jackson, Justin K.10705
Swoboda, Julie A.1760
Long, Dennis W.10770
Hutson, Stephen D. and Deborah E.10774

Butler County

Willeford, Cleaveland E.10690
Dewitt, Jerry W. and Melissa A.10691
Lyscas, Christopher J. and Kristin L.10709
Peery, David L. III10716
Malpass, Janet L.10717
Klein, Betty J.10718
Huckabay, Joan H.10721
Mobley, Gerald W.10726
Powell, Manuel A. and Deborah R.10727
Phelps, Charles B. and Melissa D.10737
Cronin, Lisa A.10738
Anthony, Michael A.10740
Irby, Luetta G.10751
Kinney, Kevin J. and Jennifer L.10752
Nelson, Wesley R. and Linda S.10787

Cape Girardeau County

Stegall, Dennis C.10687
Herbel, Amanda K.10689
McLaird, Larry A.10692
Young, Cynquencia S.10693
Propst, Billy M.10694
Hull, Charles Jr.10699
Smith, Beulah V.10701
Hovarter, Melissa A.10702
Cook, Terry W. Jr. and Lisa R.10703
Holland, Paul J.10708
Kinder, Kristopher W. and Amanda S.10713
Carlin, Raymond and Peggy L.10715
Hecht, Thomas W.10722
Bell, Samuel D.10724
Sumner, Jessica B.10739
Smith, Shelly P.10742
Reed, Erin N.10743
Harris, Cherie K.10753
Livingston, Kenneth B.10761
Stinson, Mary E.10764
Hartman, Kurt A.10766
Frakes, Steven T. and Donna M.10769
Reed, Minda J.10772
Hecht, James M. and Lauryn B.10784

Carter County

Green, Patrick J. and Cammy M.10736
Rogers, James D. and Barbara R.10749

Dunklin County

Reyes, Christopher D. and Heather N.10695
Moore, Kevin S. and Angel D.10711
Staggs, Ricky and Josephine1733
Jolliff, Charles10734
Applegate, David W. and Michelle D.10741
Smiley, Michael D.10745
Jones, Mary A.10758
Day, Krista R.10777
Cluck, Richard L.10779
Swift, Billie A.10782
Forkhum, Larry D. and Emmarie 10783
Callis, Joshua L. and Jamie D.10785

Madison County

Welker, Steven B.10688
Cooper, Gary L.10706
Frisella, Peter S.10714
Sitzes, Frank D.10720
Bellew, Robert P. and Judy K.10728
Anderson, Kandi S.10788

New Madrid County

Ware, Danny J. and Carissa R.10685
Kolwyck, Richard A. and Karen S.10735
Gooch, Robert W.10776
Walker, Jeffery A. Jr.10780

Pemiscot County

Luna, Monica10732

Perry County

Venker, Connie S.10775

Reynolds County

Boyet, Tina A.10710
Salcido, Joe and Melony10731
Grillo, John C. and Barbara G.10754
Everhart, Betty J.10759

Ripley County

Clayton, David F. and Lois M.10756

Scott County

Luttrell, Ronann Y.10698
Livingston, Leslie J.10700
Lacy, Darrin L.10707
Burns, Patrick J. Jr. and Lora L.10712
Garces, Robert P. and Maria E.10750
Allen, Mark A. and Glynis D.10763
Schwartz, Phyllis G.10765
McCauley, Tracy D.10771
Hutcheson, Donald G.10773
Quick, Anne D.10778
Reed, Rachel A.10786

Shannon County

Thomas, Justin R. and Stephanie M.10767
Hickman, Tammy J.10768

Stoddard County

Ward, Reba W.10686
Adams, Agnes10719
Schrader, Chelsea J.10723
Dodge, Joann M.10725
Johnson, Jason W.10744
Todd, William E.10746
Harrison, Billy M.10747
Perry, Broward B. and Mary C.10748
Wright, Richard L. and Wilma J.10755
Reeves, Charles T.10757
Dodd, Bradford E. Sr.10762
Williams, Heath W. and Laura C.10781

Wayne County

Keith, Jimmie P. and Joyce L.10696
Page, Lisa A.10697
Henson, Joseph P. and Ayla K.10730
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