Speak Out 8/14/12

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old hymns

Churches, don't forget your roots. Jesus died on an old rugged cross and he gives us amazing grace. Let's bring back old hymns at our churches. Our young people need to grow up learning our old songs, too, and they need to know what they stand for.

Fall from power

Injustice, arrogance and wealth cause nations to fall from power and others then rise to take their place. Is this where we are headed?

Not convinced

To all those people who are jumping in and putting letters to the editor endorsing this person and that person and getting your pictures and your names on these brochures they send out that you are supporting so and so. No thank you. I will make up my own mind. I don't care who you support or who you vote for. I guess it gets you some publicity, makes you feel good. Fine. But I will make up my own mind regardless of who you are or what you say. It is my right and my privilege.

Tax deductions

I wish that our president would quit fooling himself and trying to fool everyone else in talking about the rate of taxes makes a difference in the amount of taxes someone pays. If he would look at these rich people, a lot of them from what I understand from the news only pay 12 to 15 percent tax rate. That is not because of the tax rate. That is because of all the loopholes and ways they have of getting around paying taxes. If he wants to level out taxes, he and Congress need to stop all of those and let them actually pay the percentage they are to pay based on what they make without all of these deductions. All of these deductions are what changes the amount of taxes people pay from their income.

Violent movies

One Speak Out caller said that the Batman murderer was not inspired by the Batman movie. That's naive, thinking millions of people have seen Batman and only one or two have decided they were part of the Batman movie and gone down to try to kill people pretending to be the Joker. But anyone who's pretending to be the Joker and goes to a Batman movie to kill people is inspired by the movie, you are crazy. There are not that many out there, but they are inspired by the movie. We need to have movies that are not so violent and do not inspire violence.

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