Letter to the Editor

Preserving the Second Amendment

In response to Jack Knowlan Sr.'s comments on the NRA: What part of "Congress shall pass no law" do you not understand? "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." I send the NRA money to battle ignorant politicians who have disdain for the Second Amendment.

Even the rapper Ice-T is more informed. In an interview with the BBC, when asked about the U.S. gun culture, he said: "This country was founded with guns. Guns were Americans' last line of defense against tyranny."

The NRA was founded in 1871. It is the last line of defense for us against gun-grabbing politicians. All dictatorships are the same: registration, confiscation, slavery and tyranny!

During Obama's press conference with Sarah Brady, he was asked about gun control. "We're working on it, but we have to do a few things under the radar." Hello Fast and Furious. It was to create outrage from citizens because innocent citizens were being killed, thus clamoring for more gun control. Problem was a border agent was killed.

Obama and Holder have stonewalled the committee at every turn, finally evoking executive privileges to hide the documents that would prove their intent. What are they hiding?

As an NRA member and freedom-loving individual that cherishes all of my God-given rights, including the Second Amendment, I would encourage all like-minded people to join the NRA. "United we stand, divided we fall to tyranny."

Respectfully submitted,