Out of the past 8/13/12

Monday, August 13, 2012


Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration visit the Cape Girardeau Flight Service Station to begin the process of permanently closing the facility; the station at the municipal airport will close Oct. 31.

Work has begun in clearing land at the Southeast Missouri Port Authority site near Scott City; this initial work is being done to prepare for heavy equipment to be brought in for the digging of a slackwater harbor.


Barry Hazen is the best archer in the state of Missouri, having swept to a smashing triumph in the state championship tournament at Rolla, Mo., over the weekend; while Hazen was taking the big title, nine of the 15 representatives from Southeast Missouri's Bootheel Bowhunters Club placed in the top three of their respective classes.

Cape Girardeau's long-awaited traffic survey -- two years in the making and 87 pages long -- is distributed to the city council, along with a plea that it be carefully followed and not allowed to go the way of the comprehensive but neglected Bartholomew Plan; after study, State Highway Department officials will be invited here to discuss how it should be implemented.


John W. Judd, production manager for the Rogers Producing Co., arrived here last night and immediately jumped into the work of staging "Arabian Nights"; the first thing he asked was to see where the outdoor spectacle will be given; he was driven to the State College stadium, where he declared Houck, "An ideal setting!"

Construction work on the Marquette Natatorium, being erected on the Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. grounds on Highway 74, continues at a quick pace; Penzel Construction Co. of Jackson is building the natatorium.


Contractor T.J. Shorb has a big force at work on South Spanish Street; this afternoon, the curbing and guttering on both sides from Independence Street to the south end are completed; he has a rock crusher set up, and within the next day or so he will begin making the crushed stone for the street, using the big stones that were dug from the old paving.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Friant and daughters, Regina and Marie, leave in the evening for St. Louis aboard the steamer Cape Girardeau.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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