Speak Out 8/13/12

Monday, August 13, 2012

Takes a village

No one has gotten where they are on their own. Taking a few words out of context and going off on a tangent is not something to be proud of. If the entirety of what President Obama was considered, most people would know what he was saying. Farmers do work hard, but what about those who built the roads and bridges and equipment to get their crops to town? Elevators to store the grain? Implement dealers to fix their equipment when it breaks down? And, oh yes, how did these farmers get their oil and gas? I bet the same farmers claiming they did it all on their own are at the top of this year's disaster payment list. No one has done anything on their own, it takes a village and a lot of good neighbors.

Hit and run

Last week, I was rear ended on Mount Auburn and the driver left the scene. I would like to thank the individual that reported it to the police immediately after. Thank you to you for taking your time to help me.


It is my hope that Cape Central will have an anti-bullying program as soon as possible after school starts. We need to stop it before it starts again. Cape really needs this. What could it hurt?

Thanks for backpacks

I would like to thank the Islamic Center for providing backpacks for local school kids. That was very kind and thoughtful.

Bush, war

Where's Bush? I can't believe the speakout caller doesn't realize that he is the one that caused all our problems in the first place. If they had any sense they would realize that you can't spend more money and have less coming in. That is what he did. Started a war, claimed he was a winner, then we lost over 4,000 men and hard to say how many wounded or having mental problems and hard to say how many billions of dollars it cost and is still costing. Also how much of this money was lost? But he gave the rich tax cuts. Then expected the middle class to pay for his doings.

Blaming politics

I am a firm believer that all these mass killing is a fall out of how there has been so much differences being made between the political parties. There are so many lies and hate that has come out of them. Years ago they used to work together, but now they will not try to do anything. We need to clean out the House of Representatives and get some that will do something to help America and not themselves. All they do now is keep people stirred up. That makes the sick people go and do something that should not be done.

Public park

In response to the comment on the transit parking issue, did you stop to think they pay taxes too? That is a public park whether they park personal vehicles or business vehicles. I have never heard anyone complain about Ameren parking there, or the city workers parking under the trees to cool off. I have even seen the CTA drivers picking up trash out there. Did you ever think they were there to get in the shade for a while?

Republican lies

I put the blame on the Republican Party for all the things that have been going on as they have just spread lies and hate in America. The mosque in Joplin that was burned is because of this hate they are spreading. It is the same with all the killings.

NASA bureaucrats

For Curiosity's near miraculous successful landing on Mars I sincerely thank all of the NASA scientists, folks unfortunately characterized by conservatives with the negative connotation as being useless government bureaucrats.

Tiger moms

Parents and teachers, I beg you to quit praising your children for virtually everything they do. Though counterintuitive, new data indicates that continual "Good job!" and "Way to go!" accolades tend to make kids less likely to take on more challenging problems and tasks, out of fear of losing their exalted status. Tiger moms and helicopter parents need to back off a bit. Allow the young ones to learn from failure on occasion. The kids will be all right.

Albino exception

Can the Cape albino deer be placed on "NO KILL" for the Cape deer hunters? I hope reporters stay on top of damages done by the city hunters.

Turned away

I'll bet that's a first. I got turned away from voting in the recent election. I guess it made them suspicious because I had too much residency documentation.


For the life of me I cannot understand why people care if homosexuals want to get married or not. I know we live in a society that is based a lot on tradition and values, but America's values have not always been on the up and up. Slavery, women's rights, voting rights and the list goes on and on. The one thing I do know is this: America is progressive and it is always evolving to strive for equality. Gay marriage is gonna happen. In fact, it is happening as we speak, so buckle up America.

Whose money?

Apparently, I'm supposed to be more concerned with what Mitt Romney does with his own money instead of what Obama is doing with mine. I don't want to see Romney's tax records anymore that I want to see Obama's college grades or birth certificate. I've seen enough, and can hardly wait for November to get here.

Romney lessons

Did you hear what Mitt Romney did in his recent visit to Israel? He told them he liked how they keep their medical costs in check. Not sure if he is aware that they have a governmental health care system. He said the U.S. could even learn something from them. Yeah, we sure could.

County clerk

I had the privilege of meeting the county clerk this morning and voted. What a wonderful office relationship and friendship they have there. Kara Clark Summers was there, treated us with respect. I just wanted to compliment the office for working on the Saturday just before the election to allow people, both Democratics and Republicans, an extra half day to vote.

Farmer fairness?

Is it right for the government to give farmers who irrigate $20,000 to deepen their wells when they are causing individual households, their neighbors, to lose their water and have to dig new wells?

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