Good Samaritan: Unidentified & Unknown

Friday, August 10, 2012

On August 6th, in Jackson Missouri, some unnamed good Samaritan(s) pulled Burt Hahs, who's clothes were on fire, out of a burning truck, after his vehicle was hit by another truck. After the good Samaritans got Mr. Hahs on the ground, they rolled him until the fire was out.

I admire these brave person(s) for their daring strength and overwhelming courage. Without any safety gear or training, and without any regard for themselves he (they) saved a man's life.

Unfortunately the news was not clear in whom or how many people helped Mr. Hahs, their names were not mentioned, and so I cannot name these good Samaritans.

But I can state that I am grateful that there are Guardian Angels who live among us, and I consider them heroes.

Map of pertinent addresses