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Friday, August 10, 2012


The Cape Girardeau County office of mapping and appraisal has moved into the new county administrative office building at Jackson; it's the first office to make the move into the new building.

A special city council study session discusses possible municipalization of the water and electric systems in Cape Girardeau; the meeting at times turns into a debate between Union Electric Co., officials on one side and Southeast Missouri Port Authority executive director Thomas Cooley and utility expert Neil Adams on the other.


State College officials, faced with a deluge of students, plead with residents near the campus who have available space to make it available on a few-weeks basis to help students who have no housing accommodations.

An estimated 16,000 people mill about over the Town Plaza Shopping Center at the peak of the all-night Sell-O-Thon; traffic is jammed for four blocks in every direction of the Town Plaza; the Bill Black Combo, featuring Cape Girardeau's own recording artist Dennis Turner, draws a large crowd for the "twist" dance.


Herbert F. Wickham, former Cape Girardeau police chief, will be stationed at Jackson by the Missouri State Highway Patrol; he will work with troopers P.R. Little and Glenn W. Lampley of Cape Girardeau.

"Arabian Nights," which will be staged here in mid-September, could be the largest outdoor spectacle ever presented in Cape Girardeau; Rodgers Producing Co. anticipates a cast of at least 600 men, women and children, as well as 30 musicians and a narrator.


Work on a new athletic field at the Normal School is to be started in the near future; four acres of ground between the dormitories will be used.

The Cape Girardeau School Board met yesterday, with one member absent; the board turned down a resolution that would have asked the American Book Co. to return its contract to supply the public schools with textbooks the next five years; another measure, which passed unanimously, called the board incompetent to select to select the textbooks needed.

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