Out of the past 8/9/12

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The congregation of Westminster Presbyterian Church has chosen Dr. Roy Riviere of Denver as its new pastor; a welcoming reception with homemade ice cream will be held at the church this afternoon.

Paul Jarrett has returned to the staff of First Baptist Church of Cape Girardeau as associate minister; he served the church three years in the early 1980s, and has been on a study leave to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


A runaway tractor trailer truck plunged downhill for six or seven blocks in Jackson about midnight last night and rolled driverless between a bulk gasoline tank and a building without striking either; the truck, owned by Delta Motor Lines, was damaged when it struck a creek bank at the end of its journey; the driver leaped from the truck after about three blocks of brakeless rolling.

Paving of the four-lane, divided Interstate 55 has been completed between U.S. 61 and a northern point near Fruitland; yesterday, paving machines began moving south to extend the superhighway to Scott City.


Appointment of the Cape Girardeau County Social Security Advisory Commission is announced by the state commission at Jefferson City; it is headed by S.P. Dalton of Cape Girardeau and includes Henry R. Meier of Jackson, Mrs. D.H. Hope and August Weiss of Cape Girardeau.

Today is the hottest of the 1937 season in Cape Girardeau; the mercury climbs to 97 degrees at Teachers College by 2 p.m., 3 degrees above Sunday's high reading; other thermometers record 100 degrees at the Missourian building and 114 in Smelterville.


Last Friday, the 25,000-gallon water tank on the Cape Girardeau & Chester Railroad, situated on Hubble Creek between Jackson and Fruitland, exploded; the explosion occurred just as water was being pumped into it; company officials believe miscreants used dynamite to blow up the tank.

A very successful summer term closes at the Normal School, with commencement exercises being held in the evening; the enrollment this summer was 560, the largest ever attending.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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