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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Many people know I read a lot, especially about economics, social issues and politics.

And as some of the Republican primary candidates are people I know and have reviewed, I am sharing my choices.

I told some of the candidates I was not getting involved in financially supporting them during the primaries, but I have reached a decision on how I will be voting in this unusually important Republican primary.

U.S. Senate

I like all three candidates who are all polling ahead of Claire McCaskill ... but I will be voting for John Brunner, who brings a strong management, military, religious and job-creating experience much needed in D.C.

This is one of the two major national races Missouri will vote on as the runaway U.S. government must be harnessed.

The good news is the bad news as President Obama has such a bad leadership history that he has awakened the country about the slippery slope we are on toward a centralized government.

8th Congressional

Jo Ann Emerson. The Bob Parker campaign for Congress has been enthusiastic with many supporters, but Emerson has served the district well with her constituent service and solid voting record. Emerson has also risen to the chairmanship of one of the key congressional subcommittees in Washington, The Financial Services and General Government subcommittee of the powerful Appropriations committee, which has the capability of influencing the funding of the IRS, Obamacare and Banking Rules and Regulations.

Her seniority and conservative philosophy have brought her influence in Washington.

It's easy to find votes on bills and amendments that you disagree with, but Emerson's ability to represent us with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, forest department, EPA, post office, etc., are invaluable.


Dave Spence is the runaway leader for the Republican governor candidate and has brought a strong message of personal, business and family commitment to this winnable race as the considered actions (and lack of) by Gov. Jay Nixon are placed under the focus of the campaign (which the Missouri statewide media is just starting to do). Obama and McCaskill are polling heavily negative, which will be a major factor in this race as Obama is 9 percent behind Mitt Romney in last weekend's St. Louis Post-Dispatch Missouri poll.

Lieutenant governor

For lieutenant governor, it will not be a surprise to those who know me that I will be voting for and supporting Peter Kinder, longtime friend and Cape Girardeau native. Kinder is polling ahead of his major opponent Brad Lager by 41 to 27 percent, but the race will be tighter as more than $1 million worth of negative ads by Lager (primarily misspent from four people) are disgusting me and others who know Kinder. After reading and reviewing debates, Kinder is head and shoulders the better candidate.

Secretary of state

The Republican primary for Secretary of State has two solid candidates whom I've met, Scott Rupp and Shane Schoeller. Schoeller has campaigned extensively in this area; and has been endorsed by John Ashcroft and has the legislative and executive experience to serve in this important office which supervises elections, writes ballot language and has one of the largest staffs in the executive branch. So I'm voting for Schoeller.

Missouri attorney general

Ed Martin is the rare energetic, articulate spokesman that Missouri needs to represent us against Obamacare and to aggressively defend Missouri or challenge violations of Missouri laws and defend its citizens.

Martin is a lawyer, administrator, family man active in his church and endorsed by most of the leading party members in the state.

State Senate

I respect both Ellen Brandom and Wayne Wallingford, both state representatives from adjacent districts who have been placed in the same Senate district centered in Cape Girardeau County.

Someone said "politics ain't bean bags," and I find it unfortunate that this campaign (probably consultant-inspired) has sunk to the level it has. I'll be voting for Wallingford after much consideration -- listening to his speeches, organized thought process and military background were key considerations.

State representative

For my state representative (I live right outside the Cape city limits) I will be voting for second term candidate Donna Lichtenegger, a long time family friend who has been recognized in Jefferson City for an outstanding first term. Donna has been super active in district, state and national Republican politics for years.

County assessor

Amy Jones ... real estate and business experience has brought her great public support from some of Cape Girardeau County's leading citizens.

County commission

The last county race I will comment on is the county commissioner from this area. Before Charlie Herbst, whom I respect, got in the race, I encouraged Cape civic and business leader Moe Sandfort to run. He has campaigned door-to-door and brings the needed business, personality and Christian leadership to the county commission.

Many do not realize the importance of the county commission to the industrial jobs growth of Cape Girardeau County and upcoming decisions about a new industrial park. Sandfort's the most proven leader of the three candidates for commissioner, a post more important than many realize.

That's my list. Most of yours will possibly be different, and we're blessed to live in a country where we get to become informed and vote a secret ballot.

I especially thank and respect all candidates who are willing to file and run for office.

Gary Rust is chairman of Rust Communications.

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