10 things Suzanne Vanderfeen can't live without ...

Friday, August 3, 2012
Suzanne VanderFeen (Laura Simon)

Suzanne VanderFeen transformed a hobby into a career -- one she loves. In 2009, Suzanne and her husband Tom -- both wine lovers -- started Vines-2-Wines Excursions, a shuttle service that takes groups to wineries throughout Missouri. While on the bus, Suzanne talks to the riders about wine. She also gets to know the riders, sometimes indulging in a little match-making on the side.

And when they aren't visiting wineries with groups, Suzanne and Tom make their own wine from grapes grown by their home.

Here, 10 things Suzanne says she can't live without:

1. My strength circle. Faith, family and friends: Treat friends like family and family like your friends, all while having faith that God created us to love each other as He loves us, unconditionally.

2. St.Louis Cardinals. Having been born in St.Louis, I like to tease that they installed the "Cardinal Fanatic Micro Chip" in my body at birth.

3. Downtown Mississippi River Walk Trail. Tom and I feel a sense of community while strolling along the river trail and talking with locals and visitors.

4. The Southeast Missouri State University's Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our company has continued to grow under the assistance of the programs, mentoring and resources that this center and its professional staff offers.

5. iPhone. I break into a cold sweat when I misplace my iPhone. I am lost without it!

6. Old cookbooks and wine recipes. As a fourth generation wine-maker, I love cooking a great meal and sharing our hand-crafted wines with family and friends.

7. My journey collection. In decorative boxes, I have gathered rocks, shells, trinkets and cards of my travels and friendships during my journey on this earth. Every time I look at them, my heart bursts with gratitude and realization of how blessed and full my life has been.

8. Cape Girardeau Public Library. One of my favorite books is Anne Lindbergh's "Gift From The Sea." I love packing a thermos of hot cocoa and cookies for a relaxing, cheap date night at the library.

9. Romance. It can be the barest touch in passing, a gentle kiss or sharing a bottle of wine on a gazebo overlooking a small vineyard and dreaming of tomorrows. Romance is essential in my life.

10. Plain M&M candy. A bag of this candy is best being shared. A vice so sweet, you must be careful not to overindulge! I am expecting a no-fat, sugar-free M&M variety available soon!