Purcell doesn't represent you

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I read Jay Purcell's re-election signs, and after I quit laughing, I started examining his statements. "Proven effective leader"? 1) He was not very effective at organizing a union at Dana, losing the vote by a 2-1 margin -- some leader! 2) He was very effective in getting Dana to move its plant to Mexico, costing us numerous skilled high-paying jobs -- some leader! 3) He was very effective in secretly taping private conversations and making them public. It didn't work. He lost his bid for presiding commissioner, receiving only 17 percent of the vote in the district he represented for six years -- some leader! 4) He has not voted for any county annual budget for eight years, saying they were not balanced. He does not understand the process -- some leader! He now hides out at the parks claiming he's saving the county money -- some leader! How about the $23,000 he cost the county by a frivolous lawsuit saying they violated the sunshine laws? He lost the suit and was laughed at by the ruling body. Citizens of Cape District 2, see him for what he is, a narcissist in love with his own image. He doesn't represent you -- only himself. It's time for Purcell to go. Vote for the most qualified by far. Vote for Moe Sandfort.

J.F. GAMBILL, six-year District 2 county commissioner, 625 Sylvan Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701