What others are saying about Debra Tracy

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wondering who to cast your ballot for Tuesday for public administrator? I'm Mark Cook, former principal of Jefferson Elementary School, and I agree with what these supporters and co-workers know about Debra Tracy!

"Deb is honest, fair, and capable. I am confident she will be a competent and conscientious public administrator." -- Carolyn Ford-Bock

"Deb Tracy has a track record of applying hands and heart to work for Cape County. Wherever I have met her, in the Downtown Council of Churches, Neighborhood Watch, and at city council, she has a willingness to listen carefully and a passion to be part of the solution. She is a true public servant. Deb's faith bubbles over with enthusiasm and selfless, hard work. She will be particularly effective working as public administrator because she has deep empathy for persons in care and a respect for the integrity of our government." -- The Rev. Bob Towner

"I have had the pleasure of supervising Deb Tracy for the past five years. During that time I have witnessed a dedicated, trustworthy, and resourceful individual who has what it takes to get the job done. I believe she is an excellent candidate for public administrator." -- Neil Glass

"Debra Tracy is a person of integrity with strong moral qualities. She is very approachable and a ready listener to others' concerns. By her nature, she is eager to help others resolve those concerns." -- Gerald Richards, federal programs coordinator, Cape Girardeau School District

"I served with Debra for six years on the Cape Girardeau City Council and found her to be patient and persevering in the process it takes to get things accomplished. She is a relationship builder and will be an asset to the wards of the county due to her knowledge of community and her love of people." -- Marcia Ritter

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