Speak Out 8/2/12

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Obama's remarks

When Barack Obama went off the teleprompter recently and stuck his foot in his mouth about business people and the fact that "they didn't build that," he completely missed the point he was making. Certainly we all benefit from the teachers, roads and bridges and other infrastructure items that help all of us. However, it is the smart and industrious who benefit the most, who take what's there and add to it to create value. The entrepreneurs share those roads and bridges with the lazy, the stupid, the selfish, the dishonest and, yes, even with the liberal progressives who don't understand anything. It is still the individual intelligence, the individual extra effort, the individual creativity that produce the most successful business people.

Obama Olympics

Hey, athletes. You didn't win that! You didn't build the airplane that took you to London or the swimming pool or the stadium. Someone else must have done all the hard work to get you there. Welcome to Obama Olympics.

Primary election

Aug. 7 is the primary. Please, please get out and vote and clean up this mess.

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