Conservative Party USA Names new Missouri Chairman

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Charles Huey Chairman of the Conservative Party of Missouri.

July 31, 2012 -- Conservative Party USA Names New Missouri Chairman

Conservative Party-USA named Charles Huey as Chairman for the Conservative Party (Missouri).

"We are pleased to have an experienced person like Charles on our team." said H.M.Hervey, Conservative Party-USA national Chairman. "Our growing organization needs people like Charles to take us to the next level in the great state of Missouri. His extensive knowledge of local and state politics will be a great value when mapping sound strategies to advance a sound fiscal and socially conservative agenda." continued Mr. Hervey.

Mr. Huey explains that "I have come to the conclusion that true conservatives in Missouri need a home. Based on my interactions with the GOP establishment in this state, however, it's clear that too many Republicans have become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. I hope to use my knowledge of this state's political process and campaign experience to help conservatives gain traction and win local elections."

"The Conservative Party (Missouri) will start the process of becoming am official state party later this year. However, until we have the required number of signatures to become a political party we will endorse conservative candidates from both political parties. Unlike the two major parties, however, we will will not be over-run by extremists who refuse to work with the middle on some of the problems that face the state and the nation." continued Mr. Huey.

The Conservative Party USA, Charles Huey and the Conservative Party-MO will be reaching out to conservatives of both political parties and Tea Party activists to help identify and support conservative candidates in Missouri in 2012.

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