Speak Out 8/1/12

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Turf painting

Resorting to turf painting a yard green because of a drought is either the ultimate attempt to control Mother Nature or a serious manifestation of OCD or both.

Global warming

I think aid to farmers affected by this awful drought should be predicated on them signing an affidavit saying they always believed in and worked hard to lessen the impact of mankind on bringing about global warming.

Wrong priorities

My comment is about the beggars who stand on the Walmart parking lot with their little cardboard signs begging for money. I spotted two kids yesterday with a sign that said "Traveling. Hungry. Anything will help." I might have actually considered helping them until I noticed one of them had a Mountain Dew in his hand and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I find it odd how he can afford to buy cigarettes but doesn't have the money for food. It looked to me like he needs to make up his mind which is more important: feeding his habit or his stomach.

Tax base

Concerning the comment about 1 percenters, that is the basis of socialism, and it has never worked. The tax system is not fair when 1 percent pay more than their fair share. It is time the 99 percent start participating and paying taxes rather than just taking from society. Moochers are causing the burden in our country, not the producers.

Property taxes

Seems that Obamacare angers some folks. Here is what angers me: property taxes. I have no children, so why are my taxes so high? I have no use for schools, and yet I pay to send your kids to school. Sounds like socialism to me.

Sullivan's prayer

Joe Sullivan offered a prayer for rain and so it came to be.

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